B-Hackers Store 应用商店更新日志

这里是B-Hackers Store 应用商店的更新日志。当有想要的应用发布或更新时,可以自行魔法上网后去B-Hackers Store ( https://sites.google.com/view/b-hackers-store/home ) 下载。
上次更新时间:2020.3.25 00:04

2020-02-27: B-Hackers Store and BananaHackers are now available as web wrappers, given the improvements in the mobile web user experience of both home pages. As always, by downloading apps from there, the webwrapper will be minimized, ready to be reused from where you leave.
2020-02-14: TweetFit by Zhang Qichuan, a better Twitter App for KaiOS (Social) uploaded!
2020-02-09: to make the application store much more accessible, profound changes will be made, ranging from exporting the site to another address until its definitive closure in favor of a better and affordable solution for everyone. STAY TUNED!
2020-02-06: Thanks to the big effort of Una-i, now are available Dropbeard (Net-tools) and three amazing PICO-8 Games: DesertDrift, GalacticWars and Wolf3D (Games)! ENJOY!
2020-01-12: EasyOnlineShop V2 by FanofGK (Services), better and faster navigation, updated!
2020-01-09: E&M Dictionary by FanofGK, Simple Lightweight English & Medical Dictionary (Education) uploaded!
2020-01-01: B-HACKERS STORE APP v2.5.2, improved the navigation's speed on the main menu!
2019-12-30: Wallace Spreadtrum KitKat by anthill, a fork of Wallace for KaiOS Spreadtrum KitKat-based phones (Settings) uploaded!
2019-12-28: WhatsApp for custom roms (Social) patched and updated!
2019-12-26: B-HACKERS STORE APP v2.5.1, new logo updated!
2019-12-23: BANANAHACKERS APP v0.0.3 updated! 1/8 lighter, with a new interface much more practical than the previous version!
2019-12-20: HolloVibe by Billy Tompazis (Social) uploaded!
2019-12-19: B-HACKERS STORE APP v2.5.0, new updated graphical interface, easy to use and lightweight like never before, with useful links and e-mail support.
2019-12-10: MarkDNotes by Aaron Rolls (Readers) uploaded!
2019-11-29: TikTok v1.2 by fanofgk (Social) updated!
2019-10-28: JioHots v1.0.7 (Settings) updated!
BananaHackers Offline APP UPDATED!
2019-10-26: NEW CATEGORY! B-HACKERS APPS! Here will be uploaded all the official apps of our community and all the trusted BananaHackers sources. STAY TUNED!
2019-10-25: BananaHackers APP now is the Offline version of the BananaHackers Website! Faster, with the direct link to our communiation channels, e-mail support. Check it now (download here)!
2019-10-13: M-Series by GulTion (Education) uploaded! ADBROOT by Speeduploop (Settings) uploaded! JioHots for JioPhone (Settings) uploaded!
2019-10-12: Settings from Nokia 8110 (Settings) uploaded!
2019-10-07: EnabeStuff for Jio Phone by Vivek (Settings) uploaded!
2019-09-09 : Background Eraser (Graphics) uploaded! VM-IRC (Communications), updated!
2019-09-01 : Xpcd viewer by Aaron Rolls (Readers), uploaded!
2019-08-19 : Free hit cricket by RK tech Youtube (Games) uploaded!
2019-08-18 : Boxy Run, RGB Challenge (Games) uploaded, Meditation (Sport), updated (demo in Hindi)!
2019-08-17 : Webitor v1.0 by GulTion (Education) uploaded!
2019-08-09: Foxcasts Lite by Garrett Downs, v0.1.0 for KaiOS (Music) updated! NaturalReaders Online by Technical Ritik Dubey (Readers) uploaded!
2019-08-08: Xender (Multimedia) uploaded for Jio Phone users (NOTE: we BananaHackers usually don't share proprietary applications unless extremely necessary, as in this case. I ask Jio to officially upload the KaiOS apps on JioStore because the software is the same as Nokia 8110, MTN and Alcatel, to avoid injustices and divisions between India and other countries in the world! Thank you).
2019-08-06 : RSS-Reader by Perry (News) uploaded, KAIDI Remote (Alpha) v (Multimedia) updated! Thanks Jkelol111!
2019-08-05 : Radio POVIDKA by Ricrdek (Radio) uploaded!
2019-08-02 : VM-IRC by Farooq Karimi Zadeh (Communications), HDQ walls by Rajdesh Mukh (Graphics), GPS-recorder by idris-maps (Travel) uploaded!
2019-07-27: KaiBoy 0.1.0 by Luxferre (Emulators) updated! Now you can save your games on the sdcard, fixed also audio issues. Here more info about this great GameBoy Color emulator! PlotFX-1.1 by GulTion (Education) updated!
2019-07-26: PlotFX by GulTion (Education) uploaded!
2019-07-25: WALLACE 0.1 by Luxferre (Settings) uploaded! This app allows you to access an adb shell with root privileges, for all KaiOS devices! Wallace-lite for devices with "busybox (Nokia, Alcatel...)" is uploaded too (Settings).
2019-07-24: WhatsApp for old firmwares (Social) updated! Here also a guide that explains how to patch it and made it working on GerdaOS and old firmwares!
2019-07-23 : FaceApp by RK tech Youtube (Social) , T Academy by Mr Technologist (Education) uploaded!
2019-07-18: WhatsApp for old firmwares (Social) updated!
2019-07-14: Quardic EQ LTS by GulTion (Education) updated, now you can get all the releases through this great math app, enjoy yourself! ;)
2019-07-13: AllFootball by Hossain (Sport) uploaded!
2019-07-12: Quardic EQ V3.3 by GulTion (Education) updated!
2019-07-09: 2nd SIM Toggle by Sergey Tolmachev (Settings) and Quardic EQ V3.2 by GulTion (Education) updated!
2019-06-29: 2nd SIM Toggle by Sergey Tolmachev (Settings) uploaded!
2019-06-28: W3 School, Tutorial Points, Quardic EQ V3 (Education), uploaded!
2019-06-27: B-HACKERS STORE app updated!
2019-06-25: TikTok and Likee by Fanofgk (Social) uploaded, EasyOnlineShopPortal (Services), updated!
2019-06-17: True Caller by Fanofgk (Communications), uploaded!
2019-06-08: 3D Cube (Education), uploaded!
2019-06-04: Musillum, White Noise (Music), Reminders (Utility), Text To Speech (Readers), uploaded!
2019-06-04: Swiggy for India (Services) uploaded, thanks to FanofGK!
2019-06-03: OlaTaxi for India (Travel) uploaded!
2019-06-01 : Geometria (Education), uploaded!
2019-05-31: B-HACKERS STORE app updated with new improvements!
2019-05-29: Midomi beta (Music) uploaded, Quardic EQ by GulTion (Education), updated!
2019-05-28: B-HACKERS STORE app re-updated! Lightweight and faster as never before!
2019-05-27 : B-HACKERS STORE app updated! Now the homepage works offline for a faster experience! To load the web interface just click the green icon. Enjoy yourself! ;). Quardic EQ by GulTion (Education), updated!
2019-05-26 : Quardic EQ by GulTion (Education), uploaded! EasyOnlineShopPortal (Services), updated!
2019-05-17 : Whatsapp updated (Social) !! Thanks Nihilist! Text editor (Readers), uploaded!
2019-05-14: OSM Map (Travel) updated!
2019-05-13 : Meditation (Sport), uploaded!
2019-05-11 : Reader updated with new font (Readers), thanks to Apatrahil. Shopee (Services), uploaded, Tinder and Facebook lite (Social) updated, thanks to Primarina!
2019-05-08 : Custom Launcher (Utility) updated! Added a weather widget. TelnetD, FTPD (temporary root on V16) by Speeduploop (Net-tools), Tinder and Facebook lite (Social) uploaded! A simple Gmail app (Communications), Mastermind (Game) uploaded, and Horoscope (Game), a 'must-have' for any good appstore!
2019-05-05 : CSS aide, J-Dict (Education), SMS Template and Shell Command by Perry (Utility), uploaded!
2019-05-01 : Arch Viewer and Js Emulator (Education), uploaded!
2019-04-30 : Learn Html5 (Education), uploaded!
2019-04-29 : Khan Academy (Education) uploaded! Bing updated (Search Engines)!
2019-04-28 : Web radio Player (Radio) updated! 840 fresh radio channels in one app! Thanks for support!
2019-04-27 : Folder Player to make playlists of you mp3s (Music), Foxcasts to play you podcasts (Music) and Foxkeh, irc client (Communication) are uploaded! Eliza (Game) , Mandexplorer (Education) are updated with new functions!
2019-04-24: Nokioteca updated (Social).
2019-04-22: GerdaRoot (Settings)! AlternativeTo (Search Engines).
2019-04-21: Audio Player app (Music), updated, now press 0 to get the manual! Google Album Archive uploaded (Graphics).
2019-04-20: Audio Player app (Music), by Perry, the perfect player for all your library, Learn Web, N-Translator (Education) uploaded! EasyOnlineShopPortal (Services)
2019-04-18: New category EDUCATION with Elektronix , SolarSystem, Mandelbrot explorer (the beauty of mathematics), and WordReference. Great Gmail app updated (Communications)!
2019-04-15: Kaidi (Multimedia), the remote for Kodi player by Jkelol111 and Google Assistant (Search Engines) uploaded!
2019-04-14: Neomod (Multimedia), the tracker music player by Luxferre, Custom Launcher (Utility), alternative launcher by Perry, Breath (Sport), a breath synchroniser, Twitter (Social), Gmaps (Travel), another Snake (Game) and Eliza (Game) uploaded!
2019-04-14: NEW B-HACKERS STORE and its new administrators: Sylvain D, John-David Deubl, Luxferre and Speeduploop!
2019-04-01: Play Drum (amazing game!), France24 (News), Radio Libertaire and FrequenceParisPlurielle (Multimedia) and CyClock (Utility)...and an easter egg (explore the site ;-P ).
2019-03-31: YouTube official app re-uploaded here (as it should be)!
2019-03-28: Whatsapp updated!
2019-03-11: Cricketnext in Sports;
2019-03-10: OSM Map updated!
2019-03-05: KAVA Java emulator (Alpha1) added for testing in Games category.
2019-03-05: Moved some apps in other categories: Google Translate in Travel and Weather, Virtual x86 in Games, Fast Internet Speed Meter and FindFreeWiFi in Internet category. Removed Google Plus because it will be closed soon (April 2, 2019).
2019-03-03: Gmail updated with browser access!
2019-03-02: World Radio Player (an audio streamer with a list of radios that could be updated), IC Recorder (a very simple voice recorder with wave visualisation), Ladyfox (a simple game with retro music), Fibonacci clock, SomaFM (network player) and Webradio (you can enter manually the stream url for your radio).
2019-03-01: I have temporarily removed KaiUS Store from the home page for obsolete contents and abandon. Is safer to download updated apps from this site (B-Hackers) or from JBStore.
2019-02-12: Visit the SpeedUpLoop world on MagentaCLOUD.de
2019-02-11: H5P podcast player (Music) updated by Sylvain D, with some hardware keys implement for 8110!
2019-02-11: Battery level indicator in Utility, by Sylvain D!
2019-02-10: Gmail updated with soft-left button to go back.
2019-02-09: Gmail updated! A workfull idea of Hossain Mohammed Shoaib.
2019-02-05: Sport, CricBuzz updated and two new sport apps. Fast Internet Speed Meter in Utility.
2019-02-04: Whatsapp updated!
2019-01-31: OSM Map updated in Travel&Weather, now it is possible to show a weather forecast!
2019-01-30: WhatsApp updated!
2019-01-29: GerdaOS Alpha2 (build d1490fb) is released with bugfix on WiFi.
2019-01-27: GerdaOS Alpha1 is released! Here the video.
2019-01-26: Patch for firmware v12 that gaves new APIs and WhatsApp support!
2019-01-25: PDF Viewer available in Office for all KaiOS devices!
2019-01-21: ICQ uploaded in Social.
2019-01-20: Bandcamp updated in Multimedia, added ezyZip in Utility.
2019-01-18: Zalo uploaded in Social.
2019-01-16: Facebook is updated!
2019-01-16: Reader, TXT and FB2 books viewer based on the Txtr app available in Office.
2019-01-12: Google+, first beta available in Social category.
2019-01-09: The BananaHackers Forum counts 100 members!
2019-01-07: First historic VOIP call between Luxferre (Ukraine) and Ivan (Italy) with "Batty" app, soon available on BananaHackers forum and B-Hackers store!
2019-01-06: OSM Map updated in Travel&Weather. Share your position with an SMS.
2019-01-06: KayBoy v0.0.4 released!
2019-01-02: BananaHackers on Twitter!
2019-01-02: KaiBoy Updated to the v0.0.3 with audio and "save game" support.
2019-01-01: KaiBoy v0.0.1, released the Nintendo GamBoy emulator for KaiOS.
2018-12-29: WHATSAPP IS AVAILABLE! This global version works well for the firmware 13 or higher.
2018-12-28: First release of Whatsapp. Link to the script for made your own country/code version.
2018-12-27: Feedsound, Mp3 tag editor and 2 new online music players (Multimedia).
2018-12-04: KAIUS (KaiOS 4 US), install all your apps with a click!
2018-11-26: OSM Map, source available for this useful map that uses geolocalization.
2018-11-20: The Store counts 134 workful apps!
2018-11-10: B-HACHERS STORE and the first OFFICIAL WEBSITE!
2018-10-28: 2 browserbased apps for faster navigation in Internet category.
2018-10-19: Tetris, first game app for KaiOS on the forum.
2018-10-15: First Store version.
2018-10-05: TELEGRAM! Sylvain releases the first and workful client for KaiOS.
2018-10-05: QR-Code reader from Firefox OS.
2018-09-08: File Manager for Nokia 8110 4G.
2018-08-03: Textr - first text file reader for KaiOS.
2018-08-03: Luxferre creates comp.mobile.nokia.8110, alias BananaHackers Forum!


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